We are delighted that you have stopped by. We are eager for you to find a home within our embrace. We are a church of ordinary people seeking to live out the gospel in everyday life. We primarily do this through our missional communities and our gathering together of these communities each Saturday morning. 

We would love to have you join us either at one of our missional community gatherings or for our corporate gathering on Saturday mornings. 

If you decide to come on a Saturday morning, here's some info to get you started:



Gathering Information

Time: 10:30 AM (fellowship); 11:00 AM (worship - goes for 65 minutes)

Location: 42 Orion Way, Hermon, Maine 04401

Dress: Casual

Children's Programming: Provided (find out more here)

Please note, once a month, our missional communities meet in homes. We will still have one missional community meet at the church building, but just know that there will be fewer people there and the gathering will be a little more intimate. (Stay tuned to be notified which Sabbath that is each month. It is still to be determined.)