Our Vision

When people ask us where our church is located, we sort of chuckle a little. That's because we believe that church is not a building or a program that takes place in that building. It's not a what or a where; it's a who. Church is a group of ordinary people who are seeking to live out the gospel in everyday life, joining up with God in His mission to bless, serve, and transform the world - and especially our corner of it in Bangor, Maine.

We primarily do this through our missional communities and our gathering together of these communities each Saturday morning. Recognizing the beautiful truths of Scripture, and the beautiful God who stands behind them, we affirm our commitment to foster a shared life that promotes these values:


We strive to be a church where every member is using his or her gifts to build up the body and make disciples in their workplaces, neighborhoods, classrooms and any and all spheres of influence.

We aim to be a community where every member is growing in their knowledge of and likeness to Jesus, with systems in place to facilitate discipleship and disciple-making.

Connection and Community

We aim to be a church where every member is leaning into community, "doing life together" seven days a week with others - not just a few hours each Saturday morning.

We strive to be a community where all are actively serving and blessing wherever God has sent them.

Inclusivity and Recovery

We aim to be a church where every person who enters any circle knows they belong - everyone being themselves without judgment, in all their brokenness and pain. 

We strive to be a community where every circle is a safe place to grow in grace at the Spirit's pace.


We strive to be a community where everyone utilizes her or his gifts to creatively build up the kingdom and bless the body.

We aim to be a church sold out to the beautiful picture of God that classic Adventist theology presents - and thus acts with theological generosity toward all, refusing to major in minors. 

We aim to be a part of a gospel movement that multiplies disciples, communities, and churches.